Saturday, September 18

Spain evacuates a group of Afghans on a plane that was in Kabul at the time of the attack

A group of about 140 Afghans left Kabul in the Defense Ministry A400M plane that was on the runway of the airport in the capital of the Central Asian country when the explosions that have caused several deaths and injuries were recorded, according to Europa Press. military sources.

Several countries advise their citizens not to go to Kabul airport due to “threats” of terrorist attacks

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At the head of the evacuation plan for Afghans who were collaborators with Spain and other European countries are both the ambassador, Gabriel Ferrán, and his ‘number two’, Paula Sánchez, as well as more than fifty soldiers and a score of policemen.

All Spaniards deployed in Afghanistan are safe after the explosions registered this Thursday from 3.30 pm in the vicinity of the Kabul airport, according to sources from the Defense and Interior ministries.

The attack would not have affected any of the troops that are part of the Spanish operation for the evacuation of Afghan collaborators. “The explosion has not caused personal or material damage to the contingent that Spain has deployed at said airport for the evacuation of Afghan collaborators and their families,” the Defense General Staff confirmed in a statement.

Police sources assure that the Spaniards are in a safe area of ​​the airport and that orders have been given to extreme the security measures of the enclosure and those of self-protection.

The explosions registered this Thursday occurred when thousands of people crowded around the airport with the intention of fleeing in the evacuation planes of international powers, many of which have accelerated their plans to leave Afghanistan in recent hours. In recent days, several countries had warned of the possibility that a terrorist attack could take place.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby has confirmed that the explosion that occurred near one of the accesses to the airport, Abbey Gate, was the result of a “complex attack.” It has also reported “at least one other explosion at or near” the Baron Hotel, a short drive from Abbey Gate.

The total number of victims is still unknown. A Taliban spokesman has said the blast has killed at least 13 people, including children, a figure also handled by the Russian Foreign Ministry in its first official count. As reported by government sources to The Wall Street Journal, four US Marines are among those killed in the explosions at the Kabul airport, and three were injured.

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has “roundly” condemned the attack. “Our most heartfelt solidarity with the victims. The international community is with the Afghan people, ensuring their rights and dignity,” the president said in a tweet.

In the same publication, the chief executive has assured that “the international community is with the Afghan people, ensuring their rights and dignity.” “We are working to evacuate as many people as possible,” the Prime Minister has written.

The Executive will meet this Friday at the inter-ministerial meeting in charge of monitoring the evacuation of Spaniards and Afghan collaborators from Kabul. Moncloa has announced that at the end of tomorrow’s meeting, the Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, will appear before the press to report on what was discussed at the meeting, the fourth that has been held since the interministerial working group was created.

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