Tuesday, March 21

Spain exceeds 100,000 official deaths since the start of the pandemic

Spain has surpassed the barrier of 100,000 deaths due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This Wednesday in its daily report, the Ministry of Health has notified 154 new deaths, which has raised the official number of deaths with coronavirus to 100,037. A figure that does not take into account all the people who died without an analytical test -especially at the beginning of the pandemic-, who died with “suspicious covid”, and those who were not notified by the autonomous communities to Health. Still, nearly one in three deaths occurred during the first wave. None of the subsequent waves has reached as many deaths as in that period. Below we visualize the deadly cost of the pandemic in our country, from the first recorded death to the present.


This is Fernando, the first confirmed deceased with coronavirus in Spain. Valenciano, 69, died in hospital on February 13, 2020 after traveling to Nepal.

In addition to Fernando, more than 100,000 people have died with confirmed Covid-19 since then. Each silhouette represents one of these fatal victims of the pandemic in Spain, according to the month in which they died.

How much does 100,000 people represent? There are some municipalities in Spain that allow us to put this figure in context. If all coronavirus deaths in the country had occurred in any of these locations, entire cities would have been empty.

The number of deaths from COVID in Spain is almost the population of


101,932 inhabitants

Barely a thousand more than the people who live in

Roquetas de Mar

98,725 inhabitants

Or the inhabitants of

Santiago de Compostela

97,858 inhabitants

This is close to the population of


102,769 inhabitants