Saturday, April 1

Spain mobilizes two ships and offers fighters to NATO in full escalation with Russia over Ukraine

The Defense Minister, Margarita Robles, has advanced that Spain will send the frigate in “3 or 4” days Blas de Lezo to the Black Sea, where the minesweeper departed two days ago Meteor, a shipment that arrives in full tension with Russia due to the situation in Ukraine.

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Robles, in statements to the media during the visit he made this Thursday to a military vaccination center in Corral de Calatrava (Ciudad Real), together with the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, thus referred to the international situation and to the crisis arising from Ukraine’s intention to join NATO.

The Minister of Defense has recalled that Spain has been participating in all the deployments organized by NATO for years, and in this specific case the departure of the ships has been brought forward, within what has been agreed with the organization.

Air deployment in Bulgaria

Robles has pointed out that the possibility of an air deployment in Bulgaria in which Spain participates is also being assessed, which would be added to the one in which it takes part each year in Lithuania.

In addition, he recalled that for six years Spain has had more than 300 people in Latvia, therefore, he said, “Spain’s participation in NATO has been going on for many years”.

In any case, in reference to the Ukraine crisis, he said that Spain’s position, like that of the Atlantic organization as a whole, is that in order to solve it there is a diplomatic response that favors the de-escalation of tension in the area.

However, he has warned that “NATO is very clear” in its position and has pointed out that “Russia cannot tell any country what it can do, and NATO will defend any country that wants to enter” this organization. , has finished saying.