Tuesday, July 5

Spain prepares to face another heat wave

Extreme heat strikes again. Spain expects a new warm wave after the “very unusual” peak that it already experienced last May, according to Aemet. The forecast is that it begins to form on Thursday afternoon and lasts from Friday until next Monday.

The wave is going to especially affect the southwestern part of the Iberian Peninsula and will spread towards the center, the Duero valley and part of the Ebro. The point is that atmospheric stability, which favors more hours of sunshine, will It will be joined by the entry of a mass of warm air from North Africa to give values ​​in the thermometer above normal at this time of year.

The hot air pocket is going to arrive from Morocco and, says the Agency, it is going to leave temperatures above 38ºC in the Guadalquivir, Tagus and Guadiana valleys. With points where they will be 40ºC. Then, as the weekend progresses, there will be “a progressive rise” in those temperatures. The AEMET meteorological models suggest that the warm episode will last even Monday, “tending to stabilize from Tuesday.”

Heat wave is not usual summer heat. It has to exceed the historical averages for those days. In addition, it must extend over a significant part of the territory, being verified in at least one third of the measurement stations. Also, and at the same time, it must last a minimum of three days to receive the meteorological heat wave label.

The context of global warming and climate change has lengthened summers in Spain by five weeks since 1980. One of the direct implications of this phenomenon is the increase in heat waves both in frequency, duration and severity. In fact, the most intense heat wave measured by meteorologists occurred in August of last year.


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