Friday, February 3

Spain proposes to close European ports to Russian ships

Spain proposes to its European partners that just as the airspace has been closed to flights, landings and takeoffs of Russian aircraft, a similar measure be carried out with its ships and maritime operations.

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The Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez, explained in an interview on TVE that it is an initiative of the Spanish Government that will seek to approve unanimously in the European Union as a whole

Measurements on the table.

“We are proposing a series of measures that range from the prohibition and export of ships, the prohibition of victualling and also the supply to Russian-flagged ships,” Sánchez listed.

“Another prohibition, which I think would be the most effective, is to prohibit Russian-flagged ships from docking in Spanish ports.” Also “to those who, without having a Russian flag, have Russian capital, that supposes a greater complexity to verify that existence but we are reaching that extreme,” he deepened.

Furthermore, “regarding the prohibition of transit through Spanish waters, it is also one of the measures proposed, it is more complex, obviously because that means that we have to suspend certain international treaties, but it is also on the table “, argued the minister.

“The best thing is that they are approved by the European Union as a whole, with a common objective that this invasion, this madness of Mr. Putin”, concluded Raquel Sánchez.

Small impact of airline sanctions

The new measures for land transport are analyzed hours after the European Union has closed its airspace to Russian flights.

In this case, Minister Raquel Sánchez has recognized that, in the case of Spain, the impact is limited.

Specifically, it affects “15 operations between the two countries at the weekend and, during the week, five operations,” he indicated. “But added to the restrictions it is going to suppose a decisive prohibition”, has clarified Sánchez.

As for the possibility of sanctions on the Russian side, he has assumed that “of course there will be reciprocity and, obviously, it is worrying, but what is most worrying is the conflict.”