Sunday, August 14

Spain reaches 75% of the population vaccinated with the complete regimen

Despite the slowdown in the vaccination rate since mid-summer, Spain continues to meet milestones and this Wednesday it has exceeded the mark of 75% of the fully immunized population, that is, it has received the double dose of Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca or else a single puncture from Janssen. They are a total of 35.6 million people.

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In addition, almost 80% (78.6) of the population has at least one dose of the vaccine, more than 37.3 million people. After the more than 200,000 administered in the last 24 hours, the autonomous communities have put a total of 68.8 million doses since the start of the campaign, at the end of December 2020.

This gradual decrease in the speed of vaccination, motivated in part by the summer holidays, has not prevented Spain from continuing among the countries with the highest percentage of vaccinated population. Of the seven countries with the best numbers in this regard, none is the size of Spain.

The progression of vaccination has also achieved a significant decrease in mortality, which has been especially noted in this fifth wave of infections, with incidence peaks similar to those of the third wave but, on the other hand, with far fewer hospitalized and deceased. In fact, this latest wave of infections soared especially by the population under 49 years of age and, specifically, by those under 30, precisely the least vaccinated. As the younger age groups have begun to be vaccinated, the contagion curve has also lowered in recent weeks.

By age group, 93.2% of all those over 40 years of age already have the complete regimen and 94.8% have received at least the first dose of the vaccine. For several months, those over 80 have been fully immunized and almost all those over 70 have also received this complete guideline. In fact, all the vaccinable age groups (the authorities allow the administration of the vaccine to all those over 12 years of age) are already above 80% with the first dose, except those from 20 to 29 (76.6), and all of them they exceed 60% of those vaccinated with a complete regimen.

The last service of the vaccination centers

In this context, the extinction of the vaccine fields is near. The large vaccination centers opened in Spain half a year ago to immunize the population as quickly as possible make their last services. Many have opened up to walk-in vaccinations to make it easier for the laggards. Its raison d’être no longer makes sense when vaccination coverage almost reaches 75%. Nearly six out of ten teens, the last major group in the strategy, already have a full guideline. With this evolution, several communities plan to lock down stadiums and sports centers metamorphosed by the urgency of a global pandemic next month.

The Wanda Metropolitano, in Madrid, has already been dismantled for patients. The Atlético de Madrid stadium has exchanged vials and gauze for football fans after inoculating 577,000 people at its facilities since the end of March. The reorganization planned by the Government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso includes the deployment of mobile units on university campuses.