Saturday, September 18

Spain sells 250,000 doses of Pfizer to New Zealand

The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, thanked the Government of Spain for sending more than 250,000 additional doses of the Pfizer vaccine to her country on Thursday with which she seeks to reinforce her immunization campaign against COVID- 19.

“We are deeply grateful to Spain for its cooperation and agreement for the sale of these doses to New Zealand. This reaffirms the strong ties between our countries and the spirit of world values ​​shared by New Zealand and Spain,” Ardern said in a statement. .

The Labor Prime Minister has also remarked that the acquisition of the additional vaccines from Madrid “are the result of an excellent collaboration between officials from New Zealand, Spain, the European Commission and (representatives of) Pfizer”, thanking ” all those involved, especially Spanish President Pedro Sánchez “.

This shipment, which will arrive in the city of Auckland on Friday, is in addition to the 1.8 million doses of Pfizer that the oceanic country will receive during September, according to a statement from Ardern, who has announced that an agreement will be announced next week. with another country for the acquisition of more vaccines.

How much the New Zealand government paid for the vaccine has not been disclosed, but Ardern has said the deal was made “in good faith.”

The vaccines arrive while the authorities confine more than 1.6 million inhabitants of Auckland, the most populous city in the country, due to an outbreak linked to the delta variant and where 18 new infections were reported this Thursday, bringing New Zealand accumulates 625 active cases, most of them local infections.

The New Zealand Executive, which has administered the complete guideline to 33% of the country’s target population of more than five million inhabitants, intends to finish its immunization campaign before the end of the year to reopen its borders in the first quarter of 2021, which closed in March 2020.

New Zealand, whose government has been applauded worldwide for its management of COVID-19, has accumulated 3,847 infections (confirmed and probable) since the start of the pandemic, including 27 deaths.

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