Friday, September 24

“Spain, Spain” and red scarves: this is how the Spanish military evacuates collaborators at Kabul airport

Shouts of “Spain, Spain” and red handkerchiefs. These are two of the signals that the Spanish Army uses to evacuate Afghan collaborators and Spanish citizens from the Kabul airport, still controlled by the US military.

EU leaves Afghan refugees in the hands of Iran and Pakistan in exchange for aid

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In a video, released by the Ministry of Defense, you can see how the Spanish military helps several people, including an exhausted woman, to locate their plane at the airport, which has become the only point in Afghanistan from where citizens can be evacuated. Westerners and Afghans who have helped European countries and the US over the past 20 years.

“We ask you to shout ‘Spain’

This Sunday, Robles explained that there are “many families with children” who try to enter for more than 24 hours to access the flights launched by Spain and detailed some signs that they use to identify themselves: “We have groups of people who shout ‘Spain, Spain ‘to be able to enter, “commented Robles.

“We ask those who do not carry a safe conduct to shout ‘Spain’, to go with the flag or with something red,” said the Defense Minister at the time, to insist on the situation in Kabul.

Spain will remain in the country carrying out evacuation work while the US troops are at the airport. For now, August 31 is the deadline to leave the country.

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, remains firm and informed the rest of the G7 leaders on Tuesday that his country “is on the way” to complete its withdrawal from Afghanistan on this date, the White House reported.

Impossible to operate outside the airport

Defense Minister Margarita Robles said Tuesday that international troops, including the Spanish one, are studying carrying out an operation outside the perimeter of the Kabul airport to “pick up” people who have not been able to get to that point and evacuate them.

However, the Defense Minister added that she sees it as “very difficult” and that right now it is “impossible” to act outside the airport because the Taliban control “absolutely everything” in Kabul and in the vast majority of Afghanistan.

The socialist minister has acknowledged that, despite the fact that they are doing everything possible to evacuate as many people as possible, there will be “people who will stay” outside and that those who at this time have not managed to reach Kabul is “very difficult “That they succeed, because of the numerous Taliban controls.