Tuesday, July 5

Spain Suma: from a platform to unify the right-wing party of Vox dissidents

Spain Suma has ceased to be Pablo Casado’s star project with which he dreamed of absorbing Ciudadanos -and even a sector of the far-right formation led by Santiago Abascal- and has ended up officially becoming a new political party promoted by former leaders of Vox de Andalucía, to which, little by little, numerous Vox positions from other communities unhappy with the drift of their old formation have been added. The Spain Suma brand was registered with the Ministry of the Interior at the end of December last year, taking advantage of the fact that those of Casado had not yet made it their own. Just a few weeks ago, a large group of dissidents from Vox Barcelona joined the new project, led by the former coordinator of Terrasa, Jesús Rodríguez-Pachón, who was recently purged by the national leadership – who alleged “loss of confidence” – along with other positions considered ‘wayward’. His sudden dismissal unleashed in Catalonia a string of abandonments in solidarity with him. Only in Terrassa they encrypt them at more than 40 affiliates.

Among those who left are Juan José de la Rosa, coordinator of the eastern Vallès, and Alfonso J. Paniagua, coordinator in Barberá del Vallés. Last week, the coordinator of Vox slammed the door in the town of Rubí, José María Torrente, who announced that he had resigned to Jordi Delafuente, secretary of the Organization of the far-right formation in Barcelona and a man of confidence of the leader in Catalonia , Ignacio Garriga, thereby accentuating the internal crisis that Abascal’s party is going through in the region. And he did so with a harsh letter against the Vox leadership, which he posted on the Telegram chat in which the critics are related, in which he denounces the practices of the party leadership against those who do not conform to strict internal discipline. . “Vox Barcelona is anything but democratic”, begins his letter. According to his account, “the coordinators are tied by asphyxiated hands” and “there is no human way to obtain funding to face small campaigns”, despite the fact that critics assure that “Vox is a machine to get money”. He also regrets that the coordinators ” are chosen by hand, instead of being chosen by the components of each demarcation “, and that they indicate that they must” relate to the media “but, on the other hand, ask them” not to make statements “to journalists on their own .

Torrente continues with his complaints and sentence: “We are cannon fodder, disposable rag dolls, they only want us to do their dirty work, and then to the wastebasket”, to end by saying goodbye to his colleagues with this advice: “Open your eyes, don’t be fooled. ”For all this the critics believe that“ Vox Barcelona is the Titanic and its leaders we platform they are the music orchestra that continues to play despite the fact that the ship is sinking hopelessly “.

Rodríguez-Pachón confirms these accusations in conversation with elDiario.es. “What is happening in Vox are very few who really know.” “You have to live it to realize what a project is becoming that those of us who joined him did with great enthusiasm and in these few years it has totally changed,” says the former Terrasa coordinator. What happens in Vox ?. “Well, in short, that there is no internal democracy at all, it is the order and command; that despotism is practiced; that the initial project has not been respected, betraying those of us who stood up; and that, ultimately, they have finished accommodating like the rest of the other parties “, Rodríguez-Pachón reels, to sentence:” They are more of the same that we have suffered until now. ”

Also in Alicante, Andrés Íñigo Martínez, the vice-secretary for organization and coordinator of the tables of the entire province, recently resigned, as he himself confirmed on social networks. His resignation took place shortly after the complaint filed with the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Court of Accounts “for the alleged crimes of illegal financing, money laundering, unfair administration, embezzlement of public funds and criminal organization” by the Civic Alliance party. , a recently created national training. The complaint has now been left to the Madrid Prosecutor’s Office.

A party invaded by the “paratroopers” of the old Per Catalunya Platform

To the “purges” that all these former leaders of Vox denounce, especially in Barcelona -they point-, they add the fact that the Abascal formation “is now full of paratroopers”, that is, of leaders from formations such as the xenophobic Platform Per Catalonia –we platform them, as they are called disparagingly- that “they are blowing up the Vox bases” and they are the ones who blame the implantation of the most radical and “extreme right” discourse, “messages that they launch using a language that those of us who have left have never used. nor are we going to use, like talking about Moors and multicultural garbage, “says the former Terrassa coordinator.

Spain Suma is led at the national level by the councilor in Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz), José Manuel Martínez Ayala, a politician with more than 20,000 followers on Facebook and who just over two months ago was in the news for charging against Vox and announcing his departure from the party. Its leaders are aware that it is still a “little known” party, despite the fact that they were seen in the two demonstrations against pardons that have been called these days: the first in the Government Delegation in Barcelona, ​​promoted by Ciudadanos; and the second, that of the Plaza de Colón, promoted by the Rosa Díez platform, Unión 78, and in which Vox, Ciudadanos and PP participated, although they were not seen together. The incorporation of the group of critics of Vox Barcelona has given the project a boost because they believe that Catalonia is one of the territories where “a real party is most needed that really stands up to the independentists”, according to Rodríguez-Pachón, who From now on, Spain will be in charge of Suma en Catalunya.

The new formation defines itself as “liberal in the economic field” and has a decalogue of principles: “Regenerate the loss of trust of citizens towards all current political parties. End their privileges, but really, not only in speeches , with a democratic, transparent and decentralized internal functioning “; “Eliminate duplication and lifetime salaries”; “Defend the unity of Spain and the equality of all Spaniards, whoever they live in the autonomous community they live in, so it is essential to return the competences in health, education, justice, employment, security, housing”. They also agree to change the electoral law “so that in all elections one vote is not worth more than another”; to “defend the work carried out by the self-employed who would be integrated into the General Regime”; to “constitute free education until the end of the university, guaranteeing concerted education and the quality of the public and with free choice of parents as well as” we defend a real separation of powers, politicians will not elect judges “or to guarantee that “Spanish is the common language of all Spaniards and must be specially protected and promoted. The rest of the languages ​​of our regions are national heritage and will be promoted, but without ever prevailing over Spanish “.

Spain Suma says that it will not repeal the Gender Violence Law, but like Vox, it proposes to modify it for another of “Domestic Violence, with equal penalties for men and women, as is already the case in most Western countries, protecting homosexual collectives hitherto ignored “. To all this Rodríguez-Pachón adds that they are a secular party, which is why he points out that “on issues such as abortion or euthanasia we are more liberal, more flexible than Vox, to which extremism leads to positions that are not logical” . “We are not from the extreme right,” says the former Terrassa coordinator.