Sunday, September 25

Spain will divide each dose of the monkeypox vaccine into five to reach more people

Multiply the number of people vaccinated even if there are not enough doses. This need arising from the great outbreak of monkeypox in Europe and the shortage of vaccines against this disease that has been in Africa for decades against monkeypox responds to Monday’s decision by the Public Health Commission, which approves divide each existing dose into five in order to reach a larger population.

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Just a few days ago the European authorities followed in the footsteps of the Americans and approved the division. Once the European Medicines Agency (EMA) made the decision last Friday, the issue became the main item on the agenda of the Public Health Commission, the body in which specialists from the Ministry and the autonomous communities.

“In people over 18 years of age for whom this vaccine is indicated, a 0.1 ml intradermal dose will be administered (both pre-exposure and post-exposure) except pregnant and immunosuppressed women to whom a 0.5 ml dose will be administered. by skin route ”, explains Health in a statement.

In addition, the Ministry of Health has confirmed this Monday the arrival of 5,000 additional doses of Imvanex, the vaccine against monkeypox from the Nordic laboratory Bavarian Nordic. These doses are added to the 5,300 received in June and the more than 7,000 received in August. With this latest addition, the National Health System adds more than 17,000 doses against this virus.

More than 6,000 cases

The Ministry of Health has registered another 327 cases of monkeypox virus until last Friday, bringing the total to 6,119, of which 178 have been hospitalized. This is stated in the latest update published this Monday by Health, which maintains Madrid as the most affected community with 2,216 infections reported to the Sivies platform of the National Epidemiological Surveillance Network (Renave), followed by Catalonia with 1,825.

Behind are Andalusia (739); Valencian Community (405); Basque Country (188); Balearic Islands (169); Canary Islands (144); Galicia (95); Aragon (61); Castile and León (57); Asturias (55); Castile-La Mancha (44); Murcia (42); Extremadura (30); Cantabria (29); Navarra (16) and La Rioja (4).

The vast majority are men, and in 75% of cases they are men who have had sex with men. The most likely mechanism of transmission in 3,753 cases (77.3%) was through close contact in the context of sexual intercourse and in 9.6% through close non-sexual contact.

The age of those infected ranges from 10 months to 88 years, with a median age of 37 years.

The symptoms

Among the cases for which clinical information is available, the main symptoms that developed were, in 59% of the cases, exanthema (skin eruption) anogenital or in other locations (52.1%). In addition, more than half (54.4%) had fever and lymphadenopathy (50.8%).

A total of 286 cases of the 4,406 for which this information is available suffered complications from their clinical picture, especially mouth ulcers and secondary bacterial infections. In addition, among 5,463 cases, 178 had to be hospitalized (3.3%). The Ministry of Health confirmed the first cases on May 20, and the first death from monkeypox on July 29 in the Valencian Community.

The report also collects data on attendance at massive events: of the 4,571 cases with information on this variable, 786 attended one on the dates prior to the onset of symptoms.