Saturday, September 18

Spaniards, is Franco dead?

It was good, or maybe not, to swallow with a king educated by the Franco regime and appointed by the dictator to succeed him. Tied and well tied, Franco said in 1969 that our future remained in a Christmas speech broadcast on radio and television directed – paradoxes of fate – by Adolfo Suárez. It was good, or maybe not so good, our famous Transition. Now we see how many of the names that make up our recent history jumped from dictatorship to democracy without embarrassment. And some, after enjoying positions and perks before the polls and after, have aged so badly that they shamelessly cling to the extreme right. How bad is nostalgia!

Spaniards, Franco is dead, Arias Navarro whimpered in black and white on November 20, 1975. The dictator disappeared, but his work remained: “I know that right now my voice will reach your homes broken and confused by the murmur of your sobs and your prayers “, assured the last president of the government of the dictatorship and first of the reign of Juan Carlos de Borbón. The reality was different, there was fear, yes, but above all tiredness and hope of finding a way out of one of the most sinister periods in our history.

In this hopelessly country, 85 years after the coup that led to the Civil War, we continue to argue about the nature of evil. To some judges, Millán-Astray does not seem like a coup, fascist, Francoist enough … and they demand that we once again honor his memory with a street in Madrid. What was the head of the propaganda office of the coup plotters during the Civil War? It seems a small thing to them. The future of the remains of Queipo de Llano is also unclear, as they rest with honors in the Sevillian basilica de la Macarena. Here, the mess, the entanglement, the confusion goes from the Government of the Junta de Andalucía to the brotherhood of the basilica, passing through the City Council of Seville. Everyone has an opinion, but the dead man is still buried with honors. In this case, the doubt about evil is not such. A true coup and proud to be one, historians describe him as a “war criminal” and blame him for the death of thousands of people.

All these questions of the past would be anecdotes if we did not face each day with a new milestone in the greening of the darkest ideas in our history. One day Zahara’s poster is removed because someone finds it offensive, another we read that a character from the extreme right assures like a funny girl that she will let her daughter vote freely, as long as you vote for your mother. The same subject also affirms that if his son voted for Podemos, he would throw him out of the house. At least the neo-fascists don’t lie, the rules of the game are clear. Either you think like me or go preparing.

If a few days ago, by the hand of my friend Silvina, I recommended measure in the networks, today I ask for prudence. You will see that I have tried to omit the names of the parties and the people who are leading us to disaster. I think you have to denounce their lies, but not collaborate with their strategy. Every day, every week, they like to put on a show. They started strong with the permanent song about the so-called ores. The penultimate has been the talk of killing Feminista in a ring or the ridiculous celebration of the 500th anniversary of the triumph of Hernán Cortés in Tenochtitlán. As the journalist says Diego SalazarIt is a trap that populist politicians are practicing in many countries. They are lies, but they work so well for them that at times I have the feeling that Franco’s ghost continues to haunt us.

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