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Spanish equity funds to uncheck the IBEX 35

The IBEX 35 the year is about to close as the worst index in Europe. The selective Spanish barely noticed a profitability of 6.07 percent, unable to take advantage of the arrival of vaccines and asset turnover.

Nevertheless, there are funds that invest in Spanish equities that have not only managed to beat the selective, but also record double-digit returns.

In the following article we reveal their secrets: in which companies they invest and what profitability they have achieved.

The March International Valores Iberian Equity a profitability so far this year is noted of 26.7 percent compared to just over 4 percent that gains its category. The vehicle invests in shares and other equivalent securities that are listed in Spain and Portugal.

The fund invests in both IBEX 35 and continuous market companies. Thus, it has a strong presence in Bankinter, with just over 6 percent of the fund. The entity earns a little more than 34 percent in the year thanks to the fact that it continues to grow in profits (in the third quarter it earned 1,251 million euros with the provisions for the covid down).

Another of the securities that the fund invests Banca March is Euskatel. The company listed on the market also continued with increases of 19 percent. In addition, the fund has positions, within the Spanish stock market, in Ferrovial, Grifols, Naturgy, Viscofán and Indra.

A value fund among the most profitable

A at the beginning of the year there was talk of the great rotation of styles. The value would displace growth as it would benefit from the arrival of vaccines that would boost cyclical stocks and the financial sector.

In the end, that upward explosion that the values ​​of this investment style were going to experience was halfway there, but there are funds that have managed to take advantage of this rotation.

One of them is the Horos Value Iberia. The investment philosophy applied is ‘investment in value’, selecting assets undervalued by the market with high potential for revaluation. The rest of the total exposure will be invested in mainly public but also private fixed income.

The fund scores a return of 22.55 percent, with a clear commitment to companies listed on the continuous market, with the exception of Merlin Properties. This Socimi earns around 21 percent in the year. It also has a presence in Renta Corporación, which is listed negatively, and in companies such as Talgo (with gains of 26 percent); Elecnor or Iberpapel.

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Authors’ funds also close the year with profits

Author funds are those products that have a high link to the manager The replacement of which would entail a substantial change in the investment policy and would grant the shareholders the right of separation.

The Cobas Iberia is linked to the becoming of Francisco García Paramés, which also follows a philosophy of investing in value. This has allowed the vehicle to score a profitability of 18.18 percent, also beating the category that lags behind with just over 4 percent.

The product flees from the large values ​​of the Ibex and is concentrated in small and medium-sized companies. Among its main bets are Vocento, Técnicas Reunidas (which recorded a 27 percent drop), but was offset by increases by Indra (34 percent) or Metrovacesa (with a 9 percent increase).

Another author’s fund is the Magallanes Iberian Equity, of the manager Iván Martinez Aránguez, who earns 15 percent in the year. The vehicle has positions in small and medium-sized companies that are listed on the continuous market. They are, for example, Gestamp (with an increase of 11 percent), Cie Automotive (with a 22 percent). The fund is also positioned in IBEX 35 companies such as Repsol (which has benefited from the rise in crude oil and gains 24 percent in the year), Almirall or Mapfre.

A fund that invests in companies with high dividend yields

Among the champions of profitability in Spanish equities stands out Caixabank Dividendo Spain, a fund that invests in companies with a high dividend yield.

The mutual fund earns 14 percent within weeks of the end of the year. Among its main bets, utilities such as Iberdrola (which lost 13.22 percent) or Endesa stand out. It also has trends in banks such as Banco Santander or Caixabank.

But it is also positioned in companies such as Inditex, Red Eléctrica, Cellnex or Ferrovial.

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