Friday, September 24

Spanish plot twist

It is already official. We have been in the political course for two weeks, but we are already in a position to confirm that the taste in Spanish politics for unexpected, surreal or pathetic script twists has not only not been mitigated, but has accelerated with the new season. After all, who needs stability and predictability after the Great Recession, the procés, the electoral repetition, the pandemic or the years of economic and social adjustment and recovery that await us? What better thing can our institutions do for the great majority to reaffirm their faith in their usefulness and necessity than to produce daily hubbub, noise, instability and uncertainty? In this country where we always have more geniuses than we can bear, it makes a lot of sense.

There they have without going any further the constants plot twists of the plot of the extension of El Prat. First we agree on it, then we deal with it, now I will take the one thousand seven hundred million if the octopus is not accepted as a pet, then there is nothing to do, then we will see what we want to negotiate. Only someone very bad thinking can come up with another script twist where, during the week prior to the first meeting of the famous dialogue table, a problem is created with the airport expansion that is going to be unlocked on a date where there was not much more to offer and, incidentally, another shower of millions is sold to the world for those who behave well. Only someone with such little vision as a connection to reality can believe that the demand for national recognition that once again filled the streets of Catalonia in the first post-pandemic Diada is extinguished with a few million more and more tons of asphalt.

Nor has the entry on the agenda of the worrisome issue of growing homophobia, which anyone with eyes and ears in their faces, can appreciate in twists and turns. The initial outrage over an alleged homophobic attack in broad daylight and in the center of Madrid was followed by irritation and bewilderment when it was discovered that it was a false accusation to cover up with the complainant’s partner. It is striking that the falsehood of a complaint serves to discredit real events, data and evidence on the growth of cases of homophobia and hate crimes, but does not serve to disarm with the same forcefulness the fallacies of those, like Ortega Smith and Vox, launched themselves to accuse the illegal migrants of being the authors of an attack that ended up being an act of sadomasochism.

At least, those who make visible the fear that many people live in the LGTBI community put a voice to a cruel reality, worsened by a false complaint that has provided the perfect disguise for homophobes and their memes. The far-right allegations about the connection between immigration and crime have been disassembled over and over again by scientific evidence; As much as Espinosa de los Monteros tries to disguise his xenophobia with toddler math.

Although few plot twists as plump as the one starring Pablo Casado, Martínez Almeida and Díaz Ayuso; confirming once again the unwritten law that establishes that, in the PP, the more they applaud you, the more in danger you are. When everything was ready for the ascent to the skies of the Madrid popular leadership of the triumphant president of the Community, with the opposition mired in confusion and melancholy, Casado goes and throws the mayor of Madrid to animate the race and see who pisses longer. In the words of the international Julio Iglesias, I love Spain.

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