Wednesday, August 17

Speaking with Fabián Plaza: Minotauro Award for ‘Cooler than war’, a unique castiza ucronía (Paper Labyrinth 2×08)

On September 8, the Minotauro publishing house delivered the award most important genre literature in our country, which bears his name and which this year has fallen on ‘Colder than war’, a unique uchrony brimming with humor, satire and even drops of terror. Its author, Fabián Plaza, is the guest of our last ‘Paper maze‘, the fantastic literature podcast that we do at Xataka in collaboration with the Minotauro publishing house.

With him we have had the opportunity to talk about this vibrant fantasy that takes place in the eighties where Franco’s estates are still very present in Spanish society. A CESID agent with authentic gestures will have to ally with a pair of superpowers not very well seen by the regime to defeat the bad trips, indestructible and hostile creatures from another dimension.

Fabián Plaza tells us in this interview how the writing of this novel that has ended up being awarded was proposed and what impressions were given to him by previous winners of the award. We also delve into his professional career beyond his literature and how it has served to shape his peculiar way of understanding fantasy and science fiction.

We also delve into the meanings of ‘Colder than war’, which is a story of action and adventure, but that hides a very personal point of view on tolerance, understanding and the ups and downs of politics international. A fable camouflaged as satire that we analyze in depth in our new episode of ‘Paper Labyrinth’

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