Wednesday, December 8

Spectacular gameplay of ‘Elden Ring’: the new from From Software is finally seen and promises strong emotions

It is one of the most anticipated titles. ‘Elden Ring‘, the new game is From Software, it takes a long time to pray and today, finally, we were able to attend the premiere of his first gameplay. Like a good ‘Souls’ style game,’Elden Ring ‘promises action, a very worked open world, dragons and, apparently, final bosses that will leave us shivering on the ground.

Gameplay the ‘Elden Ring’

In the gameplay of ‘Elden Ring’ we can see, among other things, the mounts, one of the novelties in the ‘Souls’ saga. These will allow us to move through the open world of the game more quickly. This fantasy world, by the way, seems to have a sensational level of detail and to have a huge map that, probably, it is time to explore in depth.

During the video we have been able to see some combat, one of the main highlights of this type of title. Not a button crusher, but like other games of the style, see ‘Demon’s Souls‘ O ‘Ax‘, we will have to analyze our opponent, discover their patterns and attack (or defend ourselves) when appropriate.

In that sense, the video has brought out the finery of the stages, with a certain verticality and suitability to play with stealth and unexpected blows. Then there are the final bosses, such as the dragon or the one shown at the end, who will be in charge of providing that “wow, I’ve died for the twenty-fifth time” so characteristic of the ‘Souls’.

And speaking of scenarios, in the video we have been able to see meadows, castles, ruins, forests, mountains and dungeons, of course. These dungeons will pose an additional challenge. There will not be a single path, but they will have different routes that will lead us to a treasure or a trap / enemy that wants to kill us.

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‘Elden Ring’ still has a lot to say and show, but the truth is that it looks good. We will have to wait to try it and verify it. That will happen from February 25, which is when it opens. The game will be available in PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One y PC.