Monday, December 6

Spectacular trailer of the Chinese adaptation of ‘The problem of the three bodies’, ahead of the Netflix version in a devastating way

The project of Netflix adaptation of ‘The Three Body Problem’ it was one of the most shocking announcements the streaming platform made over the past year. Liu Cixin He is one of the most important genre authors of the latest batch of writers to come out of China, and his international success is only beginning.

There is still no data about the Netflix adaptation beyond an international cast led by Jovan Adepo and Benedict Wong, and the production of David Benioff and DB Weiss, responsible for ‘Game of Thrones’. But to whet your appetite we have this trailer for the Chinese version, with an entirely oriental cast, but with all the tics of the country’s blockbusters, including the inordinate CGI showmanship how well it fits with the gigantism of the three novels by Liu Cixin that make up the saga.

Three bodies, one problem

The film finished shooting in 2015, but various problems in its post-production (among them, the death of its producer due to an ingestion of bad tea, but also rumors that the film did not have the desired quality) have been delaying the premiere until today. Its protagonist, Jingchu Zhang, has participated in Western films such as ‘Mission Impossible: Secret Nation’, but also has a long career in China, taking part in hits in his native country such as ‘Protégé’ or ‘Seven Swords’ by Tsui Hark.

Preparing for a year Liu Cixin with the Netflix adaptation and, also, the arrival of a video game, we can start opening our mouths with this first adaptation. In principle, it seems to respect the start of the original books, about humanity’s encounter with an extraterrestrial race since the time of the Chinese Cultural Revolution.