Sunday, January 16

Spider-Man and a new island in Chapter 3 of Fortnite | Digital Trends Spanish

Fortnite is one of the most popular video games that exist today and, part of its success, is due to the fact that it constantly receives updates that allow it to incorporate new characters and missions.

The game has just introduced a new chapter. Perhaps most striking is that since now the island has completely turned to reveal new terrain to explore.

This could lead to many battles taking place under new weather conditions, which always ends up being attractive to players.

Fortnite has also presented a series of new movements that would allow to evade rivals, with which the user will be able to slide through the terrain and also through the air.

New characters

Among the most important novelties, the game presents Spider-Man as the main star of the new Battle Pass. This is paid content with which players can unlock exclusive characters and weapons.

With this, fans can now acquire new costumes that are part of the Marvel universe.

In addition, this new season will also include the costumes of Marcus Fenix ​​and Kait, two of the characters from Gears of war.

It should be remembered that each Fortnite chapter is structured in different seasons that usually last ten weeks each.

Due to this announcement, Epic Games has shared an entertaining trailer that shows the main novelties that can be seen in the new chapter of the popular video game that currently has a number of players ranging from 4 to 8 million.

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