Sunday, February 5

Spielberg regrets shark massacre for his 1975 film | Digital Trends Spanish

The famed 75-year-old film director, Steven Spielbergmade new confessions about his career in an interview in Desert Island Discs from BBC Radio 4

And his mea culpa this time is about his blockbuster and award-winning movie. Shark from 1975.

“Not to get eaten by a shark, but for the sharks to be somehow mad at me for the crazy sport fisherman feeding frenzy that happened after 1975.”

He added: “I truly and to this day regret the destruction of the shark population because of the book and the movie. I’m really sorry.”

More generally speaking, he said the role of a filmmaker was not to “manipulate” an audience by playing on their emotions, though he confessed to doing so himself with Jaws and his 1982 supernatural horror film Poltergeist.

“A filmmaker should never manipulate the audience unless every scene has some kind of (scary moment). That’s manipulation,” he said.

“I did it a couple of times in Poltergeist and I certainly did it once in Jaws, where the head comes out of the hole. Okay, I confess that…Our job is to guide an audience to really form a better understanding of themselves through the stories we’re telling.”

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