Monday, September 20

Spontaneous radicals disrupt rallies of German candidates

Correspondent in Berlin



It is possible that, compared to others, this election campaign may seem boring. This is at least the opinion of the ‘New York Times’ recently. But by German standards this is a much more tense campaign than usual. The rallies of the two main candidates were yesterday interrupted by exalted persons whose intention was to boycott electoral events.

The bodyguards of the Social Democrat Olaf Scholz They evicted a group of young people who displayed a banner demanding a hunger strike for climate protection amid insults to the candidate, who responded by recalling that his party was in the government that banished nuclear energy and energy from coal. And while Scholz was the target of the climate radicals in Berlin, the conservative candidate Armin Laschet had to deal in Erfurt with the movement Lateral thinking (lateral thinking), contrary to the restrictions against the pandemic.

A man who identified himself as Thomas Brauner He jumped on stage and protested exalted by the pressure his three children undergo at school to get vaccinated. Laschet asked him to calm down and allowed him to ask his question into the microphone, to answer, while the security personnel made sure that he returned to the other side of the perimeter, that “what happens in the schools here is not my competence, must hold accountable Ramelow»(Thuringia regional president of the Left party). Laschet did not avoid the matter and defended the use of masks in schools, a statement that was greeted with boos, but promised that there will be no mandatory vaccination with him. “I take you at your word,” Brauner yelled from the audience. “Of course,” Laschet assured, “I’ll give you my phone number at the Foreign Ministry.”

Left coalition

The truth is that Laschet entered the wolf’s mouth yesterday, taking his campaign to the east, territory of the former communist Germany in which his party, the CDU, has lost a lot of ground because of the anti-Europeans and anti-foreigners of Alternative for Germany (AfD). The message he tried to underline in his speeches was the danger that the CDU’s weakness would lead to a left-wing coalition. «Will Olaf Scholz accept a minister from the Left or not if he reaches the Chancellery? Why can’t you answer that question with a yes or no? We clearly say that we will not agree with the extreme right, we say it and we do it, while the Social Democrats avoid the issue and govern in coalition with the extreme left in several of the Bundesländer, including Berlin, “he declared, surrounded by posters that proclaimed : “Never again expropriations”, “Never again communism.”

Agitating resistance to a left-wing coalition is the device with which Laschet tries to straighten the polls. The ZDF Politbarometer predicts you a 22% of the votes, compared to 25% for Scholz. “It is not a question of reviving the ghost of the red socks,” he said, using the old expression that used to refer to the regime officials who were recycled to democracy after the fall of the Wall, “but I can’t help but remember that they reject NATO and disrespect the army.

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