Tuesday, July 5

Spotify adds a new acquisition to boost its podcasts | Digital Trends Spanish

Spotify just acquired a startup called Podz that could make it easier to find new podcasts to listen to on the platform.

In accordance with Engadget, this move is part of the “massive boost” that the streaming service has given podcasts in recent years and should continue especially now that it has a paid subscription plan for this format.

How does it work?

Podz uses machine learning technology to generate high-quality clips of key moments from a podcast that users can listen to.

You could also offer potential new subscribers a preview, probably more realistic than a written description or a random sample can give, of what a podcast is.

The Spotify news is released after it became known that Facebook will launch podcasts next week.

The social media product will allow listeners to create shareable one-minute clips of audio shows to increase visibility and engagement.

In the case of Spotify, while the purchase of Podz could incentivize the discovery of podcasts on the platform, the company has already incorporated several functions in recent times to bring audio programs to new audiences.

“We believe Podz’s technology will complement and accelerate Spotify’s focused efforts to drive podcast discovery, deliver the right content at the right time to listeners, and accelerate the growth of the category around the world,” notes the firm. it’s a statement.

In this new announcement, Spotify anticipates that it will integrate Podz technology into its service and that users will see elements of its technology before the end of the year.

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