Sunday, November 28

Spotify already has lyrics of the songs that are synchronized with the music: this is how they work

One of the features that Spotify lacked until now was the song lyrics display. It could be done (until 2016) with apps such as Musixmatch and it is precisely this app that, along with Spotify, has a leading role today.

And it is that Spotify has just announced that the live lyrics of the songs arrive on the platform. It does it hand in hand with Musicxmatch and the company assures that they will be available in the “majority of our extensive library of songs”.

Live lyrics, now on Spotify

Spotify started testing this feature a few months ago and has finally rolled out it for all users (in theory at least, it hasn’t appeared to us yet). From the company they have explained that they are available for free and paid users and on all devices (iOS, Android, desktop, consoles and televisions).

The feature is available to both free and paid users

┬┐How they are activated? From the application for smartphones, you have to swipe up from the bottom of the screen on the “Now playing” screen (the one that appears when a song is playing, the player). The lyrics will appear in sync with the music.

In the desktop application, you just have to tap on the microphone icon while a song is playing. As easy as that. In the Spotify application for smart TVs, you just have to click on the dedicated button that will appear in the right corner.

More information | Spotify

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