Tuesday, November 30

Spotify buys Findaway, with a catalog of more than 325,000 audiobooks: it confirms that its big bet after podcasting is the spoken books

Spotify wants to become the world’s largest consumer audio empire, we were told in this interview last year. An ambitious claim that has led them to invest many resources in podcasting and that now has a new chapter, since the streaming music app has just announced the purchase of uone of the largest audiobook platforms in the world, Findaway, with a catalog of more than 325,000 titles, according to have reported in a note.

The agreement, of which figures have not transcended and which will be effective before the end of 2021, will allow Spotify users to access audiobooks from platforms such as Amazon Audible, Apple iBooks, Google, Storytel o Scribd, among many others.

“Spotify’s ambition is to be the destination for all things audio, for listeners and creators alike. Acquisition of Findaway will accelerate Spotify’s presence in the audiobook space and it will help us meet that claim more quickly, ”said Gustav Söderström, Spotify’s Director of Research and Development.

With the purchase of Findaway, Spotify not only makes itself in one fell swoop with an extensive catalog of audiobooks, but also incorporates different self-publishing tools for authors of this type of creations that the platform that you have just acquired has developed in recent years, and that brings together a service, called Findaway Voices, similar to the one that Amazon has with KDP, only in this case for voiced books.

The market for audiobooks has not stopped growing in recent years and, as with podcasts, Spotify has seen enormous potential in it that can earn you a lot of money in the long run. According to estimates shared by the music app itself, the audio book sector is expected to generate a $ 15 billion business by 2027.

The projections of the Omdia consultancy for this same market they are somewhat less optimistic, since they estimate that the sector will move around 9.3 billion dollars a year by 2026, figures that are still quite striking if we take into account that in 2020 it generated a business of around 4,000 million dollars.


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