Tuesday, May 24

Spotify Live arrives with live podcasts and lots of interaction | Digital Trends Spanish

Hasan Minhaj, DJ Akademiks and Tana Mongeau are part of the offer of the new Spotify Live podcast service. In addition to a new interface, the evolution of Spotify Greenroom promises users interactions with presenters.

This change reflects our belief in the future of creators and live experiences for 406 million listeners. company. Logically, the content will be in the streaming music platform app, but the plus will only be in the dedicated software.

As explained by the Swedish company in its corporate blog, to participate in the chat or join the presenter, the Spotify Live app will be necessary.

Among other live content that will arrive on Spotify in April and May, the platform highlighted Alex Cooper and his space afterhours. Hasan Minhaj will break down the NBA playoffs in King of the Courtwhile Tana Mongeau will do her thing in Tana’s Toxic Tips.

The firm announced that the most popular shows from Spotify Greenroom will be on Spotify Live. Among them, he highlighted Lorem Life with Dev Lemons and Max Motley and TaylorTalk with Ellie Schnitt.

The catalog includes money moves with Lauren Simmons A Gay in the Life with Garrett Clayton and Blake Knight. Deuxmoi will continue to lead Deux Me After Darkwhile Zack Fox will lead Internet People Live.

The NBA and mixed martial arts will have two spaces under the label TheRinger. The second of them will feature Ariel Helwani, Chuck Mindenhall and Petesy Carroll.

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