Sunday, August 14

Spotify renews its informative offer with “Live Events” | Digital Trends Spanish

Spotify wants to make the user experience for finding local billboards even more accurate and informative, so they updated the feature in their feed. «Live Events».

“Some fans already use the Spotify app to find upcoming shows, but we know we can do more to combine our deep understanding of our users’ tastes with our ability to reach them directly in the app. So we’re introducing a new Live Events Feed, replacing the Concert Hub, and introducing a host of updates to help fans find live events from their favorite creators. You can find the new feed by searching for “Live Events” in the app.

Rene VolkerSenior Director of Live Events at Spotify, previewed more features of this new feed:

“Thanks to partnerships with top ticket promoters like Ticketmaster, AXS, DICE, Eventbrite, See Tickets and others, Spotify now has the most concerts in the world listed on the platform in our top markets. Users can now check those listings in the live event feed. They’ll be delighted to see personalized recommendations for upcoming shows based on their unique flavor profile.

We’re also incorporating show discovery into the fan listening moment. This means that when our fans are listening to a creator they love and that creator has an upcoming tour date, we’ll be able to show them that event live, on the app, right as they listen. With this feature, we hope to make concert discovery much easier and more seamless for fans, making them aware of relevant shows right when they’re most engaged,” he added.

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