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Spotify Reports Kate Bush’s Explosive Rise | Digital Trends Spanish

This second trimester Spotifyhas a great winner, it is the legendary singer Kate Bushwho came back from the 1980s like a Phoenix, racking up more than 9,000 percent more streams on the platform with his 1985 song “Running Up That Hill.”

Of course, the success is largely due to the use of this theme in the Stranger Things Season 4since Maxine’s character used it to distract Vecna’s attention.

Netflix and Spotify collaborated on a playlist based on the hit show (which cost more than $30 million per episode), so it makes sense for Spotify to extol the British star’s virtues.

But, it wasn’t just Spotify that helped this explosive growth, as TikTok contributed 2.7 million views of “Running Up That Hill.”

This is far from the first time TikTok has propelled older songs back onto the charts, like Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” or The Mountain Goats’ “No Children.”

Bush previously issued a statement about the resurgence in popularity of his song (from Billboard):

I just watched the last two episodes of Stranger Things and they are through the roof. I was so delighted that the Duffer brothers wanted to use [«Running Up That Hill»] for Max’s totem, but now that I’ve seen this entire series, I’m deeply honored that the song was chosen to be part of his rollercoaster ride. … I am amazed. They have done something truly spectacular.”

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