Tuesday, March 28

Spotify Takes Action Against COVID Misinformation | Digital Trends Spanish

Spotify is reacting to the barrage of criticism received after singer Neil Young removed his music from the platform for serving as a speaker for the podcast The Joe Rogan Experiencea controversial program where conspiracy theories related to COVID-19 are spread.

The platform confirmed on January 30 that is already working to add new content ads to every episode of a podcast that discusses COVID-19. It will also publish informative resources, based on verified data and updated information shared by scientists, doctors, academics and public health authorities around the world, as well as links to reliable sources.

The company says it’s also going to work on developing new terms of use for its creator and publisher tools, in order to raise awareness about what’s allowed to post. It also wants them to understand how responsible they are for the content they post on the platform.

Joe Rogan’s podcast is one of the most profitable for the platform and some reports indicate that Spotify has a contract of $100 million dollars with the actor and comedian.

Neil Young has not been the only one who has stood before the platform to request the withdrawal of the controversial program. Recently a group of 270 doctors sent a signed letter to Spotify warning about Joe Rogan and the risk of spreading his theories without scientific basis. The doctors pointed out that these types of theories damage public confidence in scientific research and health recommendations.

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