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Sputnik V efficiency against delta variant exceeds 90% | Digital Trends Spanish

According to Denis Logunov, deputy director of the Gamaleya Research Center and developer of the Sputnik V vaccine, he assured that the efficacy against the delta variant would be greater than 90 percent.

“The efficacy of Sputnik V against the Delta variant is greater than 90 percent, as Sputnik V shows a smaller decrease in the efficacy against Delta than any other vaccine that has published efficacy results in the Delta variant,” says the official tweet. of the vaccine quoting the words of Logunov.

Dr. Denis Logunov, Sputnik V developer: “Sputnik V efficacy against Delta variant is above 90% as Sputnik V shows smaller decline in efficacy against Delta than any other vaccine that published efficacy results on Delta variant”

& mdash; Sputnik V (@sputnikvaccine) June 29, 2021

The deputy director also explained that the developers are guided by data from the Umias (Uniform Medical Information and Analytical System) and Egisz (Project Unified State Health Information System) systems that collect information in a comprehensive way from the health system.

“According to this information even with respect to the Indian strain (Delta variant that originated in that country), the effectiveness of the Sputnik vaccine is still around 90 percent,” Logunov said at a conference, according to the agency of Russian news Rossiya Segodnya.

According to a study by Public Health England (PHE), the UK public body, the Pfizer vaccine is 88 percent effective against the new variant and AstraZeneca 60 percent.

For their part, the Russian authorities believe that the recent increase in infected cases is due to the delta variant, which, they explain, represents about 90 percent of all new cases.

This country has already approved four domestically manufactured vaccines and has registered about 5.5 million infected since the beginning of the pandemic.

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