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Square Enix’s Avatar: Generations Mobile Game Launches Today | Digital Trends Spanish

Square Enix London Mobile and Nickelodeon have announced the soft launch of Avatar: Generationsa new free mobile RPG based on the hit anime Avatar: The Last Airbender. Players in Canada, Denmark, South Africa, and Sweden will be able to play the game on Android and iOS starting today, with it expanding to other territories in the coming months.

Avatar: Generations is being developed by Canada-based studio Navigator Games, and expands on the Avatar franchise and puts players in the shoes of Aang, Katara, Sokka, and other fan-favorite characters as they travel the world to help Aang fulfill his destiny to master the four elements and be the Avatar. As the title suggests, the game will have expansions focusing on Avatar Kyoshi, Roku, Korra, and others across the Four Nations timelines.

The game allows players to revisit some of their favorite locations from the series, such as the Northern Water Tribe and Ba Sing Se, and experience new stories that extend the lore of the avatar universe. The gameplay experience features squad-based battles, quest sequences, and upgrades and customization systems that players need to recruit new characters and grow their team.

Will Moore, CEO of Navigator Games, said that Avatar: Generations It will appeal to fans of the original series and RPGs, even if some of them have never played traditional RPGs.

“With a globally beloved brand at this level, we have strived to create a game that expands on the rich and storied universe of Avatar: The Last Airbender in a way that feels authentic and exciting to fans of the series and RPGs alike. At the same time, we’ve made sure the game remains accessible to anyone who doesn’t play traditional RPGs,” says Moore in a press release. “Our partners at Square Enix London Mobile have been very supportive of these efforts, and we’re working closely with our community during this soft launch period to make the best version of the game possible.”

Avatar: The Last Airbender has spawned console games that were set during the events of the show 16 years ago, but were met with mixed reception from critics. However, Aang and his friends are gaining prominence on the gaming scene by making appearances in other games, including SMITE and the recently released Nickelodeon All Star Brawl.

It is expected that Avatar: Generations will officially launch later this year.

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