Tuesday, January 18

Square will change its name to Block!

The payment company Square will change its name to Block. Days after CEO Jack Dorsey will leave to Twitter. Claiming the need to give his substitute the space to work without his influence.

«I decided to leave Twitter because I think the company is ready to leave its founders behind. My trust in Parag Agrawal as CEO of Twitter runs deep».

Regarding the name change, in a tweet, Square reported that the change Image will join CashApp, TBD and TIDAL. In addition, Square Crypto will also change its name to Spiral, to join the Block family.

With this in mind, Block is a global ecosystem of many companies united for their purpose of economic empowerment. And it serves many people: individuals, artists, fans, developers, and marketers.

Thus, they will form an ecosystem in the form of a «neighborhood», with a structure Blockchain where there will be music, construction areas. New obstacles “to overcome” and an architecture section of that technology.

Without a doubt, Square said: ‘We have been working to make this change for over a year. And it only represents a change of our official corporate name, not our purpose, our vision, our structure or how we operate.».

Jack Dorsey: “Square is now called Block”

«We are changing the name of our company in order to give the full Square brand to our Seller business. So now we need a name that unites Square, CashApp, TIDAL and TBD into one. That name is Block».

In fact, the name change to Block distinguishes the corporate entity from its businesses and there will be no organizational changes. Will follow keeping their respective brands.

Name change creates room for further growth

Accordingly, Dorsey adds, “Block is a new name, but our purpose for economic empowerment remains the same. No matter how we grow or change, we will continue to build tools to help increase access to the economy.

And you’ll be happy to know that our logo is ready for the future – it’s ready for the finish line. Since it is an interactive 3D object, which dances rhythmically to the beat of the music (not for sale)».

Very importantly, Square indicated that the legal name change would be effective “on or around” December 10, 2021. Once all applicable legal requirements are met. And its ticker will remain SQ. Any changes will be made public.

To conclude, the statement indicates: «We are here to create simple tools to increase access to the economy».

I say goodbye with this phrase from William Blake: “The malicious truth is worse than the lie.”