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Star Plus: the complaints (and the memes) after its premiere in Latin America | Digital Trends Spanish

The addition of Disney Plus debuted on August 31, 2021 in Latin America and, as has happened with the arrival of other streaming, The reactions were swift. Therefore, it is time to comment on the complaints (and memes) after the premiere of Star Plus in the region.

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The complaints (and the memes) after the premiere of Star Plus

Free Trial?

Unlike other platforms streaming Recently launched, Star Plus doesn’t offer a free trial, which is why more than one took to social media to complain. Nor does it consider any promotion attractive to current Disney Plus subscribers.

Any free period is used by users, especially to find out if it is worth hiring a certain service after the free trial ends.

Give some kind of test to check the catalog

& mdash; JC Miranda (@ jcmiranda88) August 31, 2021


It is not an exclusive Star Plus situation. Platforms streaming They do not usually have their complete arsenal at their premiere, or the one allowed by their licenses; it usually takes a few weeks to see a more or less defined catalog.

Even so, some users find that the addition of Disney Plus is not worth it yet.

Come up #Malcolm in the middle

& mdash; Liliana 🎃 (@lilymess) August 31, 2021

I already subscribed but it seems to me that it does not have much content.

& mdash; Alejandro Solano (@ Alesg4) August 31, 2021

The comparisons

There are already multiple services streaming in Latin America. Without considering Star Plus, the last one that caused a stir in the region was HBO Max, even with all the problem that arose from not being able to watch live football matches from Roku or that the subtitles of the contents were not in a careful format.

Either way, people use social media to compare the different benefits – mainly the catalog – of different services.

StarPlus was born dead, very expensive for what it offers.Hbomax was born alive for its good price, but undernourished since it has many failures, movies are blocked, app is not very fluid, terrible subtitles, if it does not put batteries, the same will happen that StarPlus is going to die, at least in Latin America

& mdash; beto (@ rudy0104) August 31, 2021

Nothing, very old content on your platform, the only thing worthwhile is the Simpsons …
Better @HBOMaxLA and @PrimeVideoLat

& mdash; MisterNoName (@ MisterNoName82) August 31, 2021

The cost

Netflix, HBO Max, Apple TV Plus, Paramount Plus, Disney Plus… Impossible to pay for everything! Indeed, there is the question of the budget of each person, however, there is also the question who can see so much content in streaming?

However, some tweeters highlighted the excessive price of Star Plus and, as mentioned earlier, the lack of incentives for current Disney Plus members.

What is put as a promotion is the Combo +, in which both platforms are brought together at a reduced price compared to if they are contracted separately.

For instance. In Argentina the #ComboPlus it costs $ 995. If I have a Disney + contract for a year, I can contract the combo but I would only pay $ 880 (which is the price of Star + without Disney).

Once the Disney + year is up, I’d pay the $ 995 for the combo.

& mdash; STAR + Latin America (@mystarlatino) August 31, 2021

Just to give a reference, when HBO Max arrived in Latin America its arrival promotion was to offer a 50 percent discount for a limited time on its subscriptions, both the most complete and the one aimed at cell phones. Additionally, the WarnerMedia property does consider a seven-day free trial and free content without a subscription.

😡Expensive and bad, even having annual Disney + is at $ 199 per month? No, then what a deal 🤢 in the USA it already includes it in Disney + 🤦🏻‍♂️

& mdash; Mamma mia (@fontanerodude) August 31, 2021

Very expensive right? Not even Disney + is worth $ 199

& mdash; Rodrigo Constantino (@DeadStringDtd) August 31, 2021

& mdash; Dante A. Libralato (@ DanLi19) August 31, 2021

General problems

In addition to the occasional problem to subscribe from the computer and to the desired plan from the mobile, people claim that Star Plus is not integrated into Disney Plus as in other territories outside of Latin America. This implies having two apps separately.

There is also the fact that the Star Plus application is not available, at the moment, neither on Roku nor on Fire TV, two of the players that stand out for their accessible price and compatibility with most of the platforms of streaming. So you have to be patient.

Star + is not currently available on the Roku platform in Latin America. We look forward to welcoming Star + to the Roku platform in the future.

& mdash; Roku Latin America (@RokuLATAM) August 31, 2021

@StarPlusLA I was talking to the service of @amazon and they told me that they don’t have the Star + app available. When you put on your page what is available for fire stick tv. I got the catch of the conversation

& mdash; Hellyon😺 (@ Hellyon3) August 31, 2021

Be clear and say if you are going to enable Star + for Roku, there is too much misinformation, one says that if others do not, Disney + if it appears, Star +, it is even contradictory what they do. Please give an answer and with that you get an idea

& mdash; Lini Andrea🌼 (@ Linis02) August 31, 2021

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