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Star Trek fan: Voyager makes his own tricorder | Digital Trends Spanish

One of the elements that always seduces the most successful science fiction productions are the artifacts they present, some of them too advanced for our time.

It’s what happens with Star Trek: Voyager, despite the fact that its finale was broadcast more than twenty years ago. This series showcased advanced devices that still look too futuristic today, despite the time that has passed.

Now, a fan of the production surprises with a replica of one of Voyager’s tricorders.

The production behind this installment had planned to introduce an updated design of the tricorder, a kind of personal digital assistant or pocket computer. However, the conceptual designs ended up being replaced by objects inherited from Star Trek: The Next Generationas a way to reduce associated costs.

For the same reason, youtuber Mangy Dog set out to recreate this failed version of the tricorder that never saw the light of day.

The image shows a replica of a tricorder, a device that appears in Star Trek: Voyager.

This content creator is also a user interface designer and electronics expert. As revealed on his channel, it took him more than a year to manufacture the modern device.

The first version of the device was too modern and complex, so Mangy Dog decided to update the model when a friend ordered a tricorder for him.

This is how this second version came about, which has nothing to envy to the modern devices that appear in science fiction productions.

In this way, the Voyager Tricorder V2 has a series of buttons and lights that make the device appear functional, as if it is actually scanning something or interacting with the environment.

Without a doubt, this project is a good way to show lovers of star trek what would this tricorder have looked like if it had actually appeared in Voyager.

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