Friday, January 21

‘Star Wars: Eclipse’, ‘Wonder Woman’, ‘Alan Wake II’ and much more: the best trailers presented at the 2021 Game Awards

The Game Awards ceremony has ended up becoming something that goes beyond a mere summary of the year. It is, almost to a greater extent than E3, a true festival of trailers and news that come great to say goodbye to the last twelve months and face the next twelve. ‘It Takes Two’, ‘Forza Horizon 5’ y ‘Final Fantasy XIV’ They have been recognized for the achievements, of course they have, but it is with the trailers and the two or three unexpected announcements that we see all the future potential of the medium and we begin to look, at last, what the no-longer will bring us -so-new generation that turns one year old. This is the best of the 2021 Game Awards.

‘Star Wars Eclipse’

None other than guru David Cage and his studio Quantic Dreams meet with Lucasfilm Games in a game that, for a change in the latest games in the franchise, will put the raw action aside and focus on -It is to be expected knowing the background of the study of ‘Detroit: Become Human’- in a more complex story. The era of the High Republic is the time chosen for a game that already offers its first guest star, Yoda, and that currently has no date or format.

‘Elden Ring’

Quite the opposite we can say of ‘Elden Ring’, which has a date more than recorded to match among From Software fans: next February 25. One year after the game was presented at the previous Game Awards ceremony, The most spectacular trailer for the game to date is revealed, and it guarantees, epic, darkness, and suffering. Lots of suffering.

‘Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’

Finally some gameplay for one of the most promising games of 2022: Rocksteady bring back the urban flavor and frenetic action of their ‘Arkham’, but bathed in light and color, and with what promises to be an insane cooperative. Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang and King Shark vs. An alien army in one of the most mindless games of the night.

‘Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II’

Ninja Theory definitely leaves behind its precedent in technical terms, in a gameplay video (possibly not quite true to what the final product will be) of Viking fight against a dying giant in flames. Pure spectacle for a game that has not even confirmed its appearance in 2022.


The upcoming new Square Enix franchise continues to shine brilliantly thanks to the work of Luminous Productions. May 24, 2022 is the planned date for this role-playing adventure in which the heroine is transferred to a fantasy world, where you will obtain huge powers that will come in handy to face the spectacular combats that the trailer promises.

‘Wonder Woman’

It’s not that games based on superhero movies enjoy fame, but the truth is that when there is a studio with creativity behind it. quality games often sprout, as Insomniac has shown with his ‘Spider-Man’. This time it is Monolith who will be in charge of bringing to video games a heroine who is usually absent from the medium, Wonder Woman.

‘Alan Wake II’

The relaunch of the original game has already sparked rumors about a sequel. In times when the macabre abounds in video games but games of pure survival horror (be very careful also to the one presented tonight ‘Slitterhead‘, with very interesting Junji Ito vibes) this turn of the saga towards the genre is revealed to be exhilarating. It will arrive in 2023, yes.

‘Dune: Spice Wars’

The success of Denis Villeneuve’s film, which has once again put on everyone’s lips not only Frank Herbert’s novel, but also the foundational strategy video games that shaped the modern conception of the genre in real time, propitiates a new game in the saga. At the moment the trailer is only cinematic, but it already anticipates conflicts in pursuit of the spice and in the desert planet, and that they can turn upside down a genre that perhaps this accolade will do. mainstream.

Fifty years of Dune is nothing and we have fifty (one) reasons to remember it

‘Horizon Forbidden West’

The sequel to ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ presents the heroine of the saga fighting gargantuan monsters on land, sea and air … literally. Total verticality and absolute spectacularity for a game that returns us to the wild environments and the varied and threatening creatures in one of the most anticipated games of the coming year.

‘Sonic Frontiers’

This we did not see coming, especially after the soulless adventures of the Sega mascot in this area. But taking advantage of the presentation of the trailer for the sequel from the great movie a couple of years ago, and inheriting some of the aesthetics of the Sonic worlds seen there, we have a new game of the hedgehog in open environments. Let Robotnik catch us confessed.

‘Homeworld 3’

Twenty years have passed since the original game was released, but although this third installment is reluctant to show images of gameplay, the truth is that visually it could not be more attractive. The new trailer abounds in the style we had already seen for this sequel: ships and more ships, giant structures and dehumanized science fiction with the stamp of Blackbird Interactive. But for a good space strategy game you don’t need more.

‘The Expanse: A Telltale Series’

Today the latest of ‘The Expanse’ is released on Amazon Prime Video, but its story is far from over. Telltale Games renews the aesthetics of its games with a license that fits you like a gloveIf the series is already a stupendous mix of political intrigues in space and thrillers in metal hells floating in the stellar void, a game that exploits that convoluted history may be one of the necessary titles of 2022.