Wednesday, December 8

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron delayed indefinitely | Digital Trends Spanish

The films and series of the Star Wars universe are one of the most attractive elements that are part of the Disney Plus platform.

For this reason, many fans of the franchise were enthusiastic about the announcement of a new installment that would be released after The Rise of Skywalker, 2019.

Is about Star Wars: Rogue Squadron which was scheduled to be released in theaters on December 22, 2023.

This new project was entrusted to Patty Jenkis, a director known for her important work at the helm of Wonder woman.

However, an article by The Hollywood Reporter notes that the filming of Rogue squadron, which was to start in 2022, has had to be postponed indefinitely.

According to the report, this decision is due to the fact that the filmmaker maintains a very tight schedule that would prevent her from fulfilling all her work commitments.

This would have hampered the start of the pre-production stage that was to begin at the end of this year, forcing the entire project to be delayed.

In any case, an official confirmation is still missing since, so far, Disney has not commented on this date change. According to the article, the study should confirm the delay very soon.

The funny thing about all this, according to the medium, is that for now it is not known what are those projects that interfere with Jenkins’ work in the new Star Wars film, especially since the filming of Wonder woman 3 I was going to start after Rogue squadron.

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