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Star Wars: The Old Republic Celebrates 10 Years With Free Expansion | Digital Trends Spanish

After almost 10 years since its launch, the MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic is still active and receiving content. The following will be an expansion called Legacy of the Sith, which will premiere on December 14.

Justly Legacy of the Sith arrives to open the celebrations of the decade of the game and will be a free content for all subscribers; Yes, The Old Republic remains under the subscription model, similar to the one it also uses World of Warcraft.

On Legacy of Sith Darth Magul will be back and the objective of the players will be to discover what is behind his plan, in a new excuse to confront the republic with the empire. But in addition to the narrative and cosmetic issues, the update comes with a change in the character customization system, which now divides them into classes and will give more customization options.

As for the history of the game, the new lines of missions that are added will allow to unlock a new base of operations. And an area called Sith fortress that “had mysteriously been erased from all records,” according to the official description. This place – and the missions corresponding to the expansion – can be played without problems either alone or in cooperative with more players.

BioWare, the studio behind the game, says that Legacy of Sith it is just the beginning of the celebration that will last a full year and which seeks to improve the overall gaming experience. Apparently the plans with The Old Republic they are ambitious, because the study talks about “the next decade” and that only means one thing: the servers are not going to go offline anytime soon.

Perhaps few people would have anticipated the longevity of The Old Republic in 2011, when it was launched full of problems and so much so that it was baptized as TORtanic. But fortunately, BioWare managed to straighten the ship (unlike what happened with other games, with Mass Effect Andromeda or Anthem).

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