Thursday, July 7

Star Wars: Tie Fighter Returns With Fan Made Remake | Digital Trends Spanish

Star Wars: Tie Fighter is a ship game based on Star wars dating from 1994. And for some reason, 27 years later, the game has been revived thanks to a mod of its sequel; with the name of Tie Fighter: Total Conversion, It was created by fans and even has support for virtual reality.

The mod is based on X-Wing Alliance, the sequel to the original that was released in 1999. The creators of Total Conversion recreated all the missions of the first Tie fighter in this mod and that includes their cinematics, but they also designed a kind of remake of the first part of the campaign that has 37 missions.

Total Conversion It comes with a series of graphic adjustments that, according to its creators, put it on a par with more current titles. And while it doesn’t look as impressive as the latest one Star Wars Squadrons, It also doesn’t look like a 1999 game or anything like that.

Added to the above is the aforementioned support for virtual reality headsets and a soundtrack that has also been remastered, although the mod includes the original soundtrack files, for all those lovers of MIDI-like sound from the mid-90s. .

Tie Fighter: Total Conversion It is a free mod that was launched on July 2, although the main thing to be able to play it is to have a copy of the original game; in this case, of X-Wing Alliance. Anyway, it is not a very expensive game: in GOG and in Steam it sells for about $ 5.

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