Thursday, December 1

Starlink Aviation: the internet plan that aims to improve the shitty Wi-Fi of planes | Digital Trends Spanish

One of the main complaints from users who regularly fly in planesis the precarious quality of Wi-Fi connections in flight, which often do not allow basic operations such as checking email.

For that reason, it is that Elon Musk Starlink wants to implement a new plan specially designed for commercial aviation, called Starlink Aviation, and that will give airlines satellite internet.

Starlink Aviation It promises to take impressive speeds, of up to 350 megabytes per second, to the skies starting in 2023. It will cost between $12,500 and $25,000 per month on top of an initial $150,000 hardware fee.

SpaceX says the service will allow passengers to perform data-intensive activities not possible with current in-flight WiFi, such as online gaming, streaming and video calls.

Instead of using the same satellite dish as other Starlink customers, the planes will be equipped with a special low-profile terminal.

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