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Starlink officially begins operating in Chile | Digital Trends Spanish

Starlink, the satellite internet system owned by Elon Musk, has received authorization from the Chilean government to begin offering its service in the country, the first in South America where the SpaceX subsidiary will officially operate.

For this, five satellite terrestrial stations will be implemented that will be located in the cities of Caldera, Coquimbo, Puerto Saavedra, Puerto Montt and San Clemente.

This government authorization comes after Starlink successfully completed a first phase of testing; These were carried out in places like Sotomó, in the south of the country, and Caleta Sierra in the north, providing connectivity to some schools. The objective of Starlink is to provide satellite internet in areas where connectivity through cable or fiber optics does not reach or is very limited.

flcnhvy / Twitter

According to starlink site, the system is still in beta, so the connection speed could fluctuate between 50 and 150 Megabits per second, with a latency of between 20 and 40 milliseconds. In any case, the connection speed will improve over time, as the number of the company’s satellite stations expands.

Initially, Starlink targets not so much individual users, but small businesses, businesses, or schools and colleges in rural locations that are far from large urban centers. The installation kit includes everything you need to connect, from the satellite antenna to a router with wi-fi and that implies that, at least in its initial stage, the service is not really cheap: the equipment costs -in local currency- $ 573 dollars, while the monthly payment is around $ 113 dollars.

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