Friday, January 28

Start of classes 2022 will be on March 7 in person and focused on the leveling of learning, announces Meduca

The Ministry of Education (Meduca), through Executive Decree No. 2077 of December 1, 2021, in its article 1, established the official school calendar that will govern the 2022 school year “In the face-to-face modality for official and private educational centers of the first and second level of education of the regular and non-regular subsystem”, as The start will be on Monday, March 7, and ends on Friday, December 16.

According to the schedule for the year 2022, the first trimester consists of 14 weeks and will conclude on June 10. The days off during that period will be April 14 and 15 (Thursday and Good Friday) and Monday, May 2. The school break and teacher training will last one week, that is, from June 13 to 17.

The second quarter according to this decree –Which bears the signature of the President of the Republic, Laurentino Cortizo Cohen, and the Minister of Education, Maruja Gorday de Villalobos, – runs from June 20 to September 9, that is, 12 weeks. September 12-16 is the student vacation week, which will also be instructional for educators.

The 2022 school organization chart notes that the third trimester (13 weeks) starts from September 19 to December 16. In that period, November 2 (Day of the Dead) will be civic and, on November 3, 4, 10 and 28, there will be no classes for national holidays, nor on December 8 (Mother’s Day).

Between December 19 and 23, it will be for the balance of activities and student graduations. On the other hand, article 2 of the aforementioned decree states that “the 2022 school year will be oriented to the recovery of learning, through pedagogical management that strengthens integral development, socio-emotional, resilience and the achievement of competencies in students ”.

Inasmuch as, the executive decree that consists of 21 sections, in its article 3 indicates that “contextualized strategies will be developed for the recovery of learning… ”.

Due to possible psychological effects, as a result of the confinements to which citizens were subjected by the Covid-19 pandemic, article 4 established: “Promote socio-emotional strategies that strengthen adaptation to the school environment, the mental health of the students and the educational community, to promote a stable climate and reinforce healthy attitudes among the members of the educational community ”.

One of the most important decisions that are adopted in the executive branch, is indicated in article 20, which indicates that “The use of the school uniform will not be compulsory“For the year 2022.” This Executive Decree will take effect from its promulgation, “says Article 21.