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Starzplay: its end-of-season catalog and what 2022 looks like | Digital Trends Spanish

Of all the services of streaming that exist to date, Starzplay is perhaps the least known or popular among the public. The service does not yet have the mass of others, but according to our first impressions, it is a valid option for those who like more alternative content.

And to close 2021, Starzplay will add a good handful of movies and series, some even appropriate for the Christmas season. If it comes to well-known and classic tapes, there are names like 47 Ronin, Scarface and The Amazing Spider-Man 2, in addition to the Mexican production Rude and Corny, starring Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal and revolving around two talented footballers who have no interest in being footballers.

As for Christmas movies, names like Bad santa (starring Billy Bob Thornton), Almost Christmas, Christmas Under Wraps and Dear Secret Santa, among other. Beyond Bad Santa, These films are the classic Christmas comedies made for television or that are never going to blow the box office, but always have a specific audience that enjoys them.

Starzplay will also be adding new episodes of its most recognized series, such as The Great, Power Book II: Ghost and Hightown, that in addition to releasing their first seasons, they will also release the episodes of the second season on a weekly basis. It is worth mentioning that these three series originally premiered in the United States on Hulu or the Starz cable channel, so their arrival on Starzplay is a way to bring it closer to the rest of the world.

From the names already mentioned, it is clear that Starzplay does not seek to compete directly with Netflix, Star Plus or Disney Plus, but rather to be a complement. The service is also somewhat cheaper than the rest, so it fulfills the premise of being the premium alternative which has no claim to replace the rest.

Starzplay’s current content does not have the number of other services, but several of its exclusive series have quite positive reviews, including Dr. Death, the aforementioned Hightown and BMF.

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