Wednesday, March 22

Stealth Ghost Bat Drone Is Boeing’s Latest Pride | Digital Trends Spanish

As “Ghost Bat” was baptized the first military combat aircraft produced in Australia in more than 50 years. Developed by the American Boeing under the name MQ-28A, it is an unmanned drone that uses artificial intelligence and that today joins the ranks of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF).

The machine will carry out defensive and offensive tasks, informed Gizmodo. For example, it is capable of seconding manned combat aircraft, jamming radar and performing surveillance tasks thanks to its range of 3,700 kilometers (2,300 miles). Also, it could shoot at enemy targets.

“This new product allows us to introduce more volume into the battlespace. An adversary aircraft would not only have to deal with our manned vehicles, but also a number of unmanned aircraft such as the MQ-28A Ghost Bat.” Peter Dutton.

Developed in conjunction with 35 local suppliers, the drone has successfully completed three phases of test flights, the ocean authority said. “As aerial warfare becomes more complex and sophisticated, remotely piloted aircraft and other unmanned platforms become increasingly vital assets to modern armed forces,” he added.

The name of the MQ-28A is no coincidence, as the ghost bat It is a famous endemic species that inhabits northern Australia. “He’s a hunter [que] uses sophisticated multispectral sensors to detect and hunt prey both in the air and on the ground,” said RAAF Capability Chief Air Vice-Marshal Robert Denney.

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