Friday, December 3

Steam Deck to be delayed for two months: supply chain problems spare no one

The Steam Deck has been one of the surprise products of 2021 and the first units were expected to start arriving next December, but Valve officials have indicated that the console delays its launch by two months.

That assumes that the first units will not arrive until February 2022, and those who have already reserved a Steam Deck have received an email advising of this circumstance and that all orders will therefore suffer the same delay. The fault, of course, is the shortage of chips and problems with the supply chain.

Not everything is bad in this delay

Valve explained those problems in a short article on its official website. Those in charge regretted this delay, “but, due to the shortage of materials, our factories are not receiving components on time to meet the initially planned release dates. “

The new calculations reveal that the unique portable consoles will begin to arrive in February 2022, and from there orders will be distributed in order of reservation.

Chip shortages and supply chain problems have wreaked havoc again, with big semiconductor makers already warning that they do not expect the problem to be solved until 2023.

This postponement has a possible advantage: gives developers more time to adapt their games so that they work properly on the Steam Deck.

These games, which run natively on Windows, are compatible with the Steam Deck Linux thanks to the compatibility layer offered by the fantastic Proton project, but some games, especially those online multiplayer with software anti-cheat, they can give conflicts.

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