Sunday, January 29

Stelfie the Time Traveler: the man who took selfies in the past | Digital Trends Spanish

An artist known on social media as Stelfie The Time Travelerhas wanted to create a new concept thanks to Artificial Intelligence and the use of the Stable Diffusion tool, generating a fictional photorealistic character that can be inserted into fake historical photographs set in different eras, such as ancient Egypt or the time of the dinosaurs.

Thus, it appears in selfies at different moments in history, with an astonishing hyperreality.

How it does it: It does it with Stable Diffusion, which is a deep learning image synthesis model that allows people to create fictional scenes using text descriptions called prompts. With an additional technique called Dreambooth, people can insert their own subject or character into scenes generated by Stable Diffusion. It can also be used to insert real people into fictional situations.

The anonymous artist (a self-identified “funny old man”) detailed part of the process which he uses to create the images in various Reddit comments: a combination of Stable Diffusion 1.5, a custom AI model for the landscape, and a custom AI model trained on Stelfie’s face, which is apparently a fictional person created using character creator. . It uses “a lot of in-house painting,” which means inserting AI-generated images into images to correct errors and sculpt the scene, with each image taking three hours to create.

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