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Stephanie Grisham, the White House spokeswoman who did not speak



The journalists who covered the White House in the intense years of Donald Trump know Stephanie Grisham for two things: never having given a press conference, and having gotten involved with the praetorian guard of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un when he tried to prevent the American press from accessing the room where he was going to meet the then president of the United States.

Grisham (Colorado, 1976) publishes a book about his time in the White House, entitled ‘Now I will answer your questions’. He has the interest that he is one of the few people who endured the entire term of Trump working for him, for the first lady and, at one point, for both to

the time. He resigned on January 6, 2020 during the looting of the Capitol, he says today that after unsuccessfully asking Melania Trump to condemn the violence.

It is the less curious that the White House press chief is than less has spoken in public of all history which now publishes a book as revealing as it is incendiary, in which it accuses Trump of being little more than a insane selfish, and his wife from suffering outbreaks of narcissism and paranoia.

Not that Grisham makes big geostrategic revelations, beyond an anecdote that reveals that Trump warned Russian Vladimir Putin when he should be tough on appearances. The book is more of a succession of anecdotes on coated paper, such as the Secret Service putting Melania Trump nickname «Rapunzel»Because he “never came down from his tower,” that is, his private rooms on the upper floors of the White House. Or that the staff who worked for Melania referred to Ivanka, the former president’s daughter, jokingly, as “the intern.”

Melania’s revenge

Grisham reveals that it was she who broke the news to Melania Trump that the porn actress Stormy Daniels had sued her husband, claiming a sexual affair and giving revealing details about her anatomical parts. The former first lady’s first reaction was an “OK”, no more.

Later he did notice a certain vengeful streak. To a speech on Capitol Hill, Melania Trump asked that the most handsome soldier they would find in the White House accompany her, holding her arm. In some press releases, he asked to remove the terms “wife” or “husband” when referring to their marriage.. And on several occasions, when they traveled somewhere by plane, he tried to go to the military airport before the president because, he said, he saw how Hillary Clinton swallowed with her husband’s infidelities and held his arm in public, and she did not want that .

Grisham came to the Trump campaign after being fired from several jobs in Arizona, accused of embezzlement and plagiarism. She was first Melania’s press officer, and then the entire White House between July 2019 and April 2020. She was eventually promoted to the first lady’s chief of staff. As he says in the book: «For almost six years I was as close to the Trump family as possible, I saw it all». And he decided to keep quiet, until he put his book on sale.

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