Sunday, January 16

Steps to be followed by owners of bars, restaurants and venues for events with 100% capacity

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) reported the steps to be followed and comply with the legal representatives, managers or owners of bars and restaurants, as well as premises, to request authorization in order to carry out activities with a capacity of 100% of capacity and a complete vaccination scheme.

According to the Minsa statement, firstly, the applicant must enter the address: https://, and press the upper right button that says “enter”.

The second step will be to place the data If you already have a user or register to create one detailing the following information: email, ID or passport number and a password.

After registering, the user must click on the banner “request to do activities at 100% capacity”, qwhich will immediately lead you to fill out the form to request authorization for the event. For later the applicant fill out the form with the required information: data of the legal representative or person responsible for the activity; Attach a copy of the identity card of the legal representative or person responsible for the event; In addition, attach the security protocol with the general information about the activity and the details of how the biosafety measures will be implemented for the prevention of Covid-19.

For places such as restaurants, bars, nightclubs, inns, barbecues, or event venues, among others that require permission for their operation, in addition to the above documents, they must attach the sanitary operation permits or sanitary inspection record, the operation notice and comply with the provisions established by the Minsa for the maintenance of capacity and biosafety measures .

At the end with the inclusion of the documents and the required information, the user will receive a confirmation in his email that includes the sticker of 100% capacity, which must be placed at the entrance of the premises, restaurant or place where the event will be held.

The request must be submitted a minimum of 14 days in advance and events with a capacity of 100% capacity in open or closed premises will be carried out, under the condition that only people with a complete Covid-19 vaccination scheme enter.