Tuesday, December 6

Steve Bannon, former Trump adviser, sentenced to four months in prison for not collaborating in the investigation of the assault on the Capitol

A federal court in Washington has sentenced this Friday Steve Bannon, who was an adviser to former United States President Donald Trump (2017-2021), to four months in prison for refusing to collaborate with the legislative committee investigating the assault on the Capitol on 6 January 2021.

Judge Carl Nichols has also accepted the US Attorney’s request that Bannon pay a fine, although he has lowered the sum to $6,500, compared to the $200,000 requested by the Department of Justice.

The Prosecutor’s Office requested, in fact, six months in prison for the far-rightist in addition to the fine, while Bannon’s defense requested that his client serve the sentence under house arrest.

Nichols told defense attorneys before making his decision that Bannon should spend at least a month behind bars.

Last July, Bannon was found guilty by a jury of refusing to appear before the legislative committee that is considering the assault on the Capitol and to provide them with some documents.

An appeal is expected

The former Donald Trump strategist is expected to ask a federal appeals court to overturn the conviction, according to US media.

In fact, Nichols has already said he will allow the sentence to be suspended if Bannon’s team files an appeal.

In addition to this case, Bannon faces another judicial process in New York for alleged fraud in a fundraising campaign to help build a border wall with Mexico.

Bannon is charged with two felony counts of money laundering, two counts of conspiracy and one felony count of scheme to defraud.