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Steve Jobs has an archive memorial site | Digital Trends Spanish

the memory of Steve Jobs It will be protected in the most logical place, on the internet. Since his family and friends have made available to the public a special archive site with collections, photos, videos and his work and life.

You can visit the archive at

The site has a fairly simple architecture at the moment. At the top is a poetic email Jobs sent to himself about his admiration for humanity. Scrolling down reveals some notable quotes from Jobs, including some of his famous 2005 commencement speech at Stanford. At the end, there is a short “About Us” description for the file.

“With respect for the past and enthusiasm for the future, the Steve Jobs Archive offers people the tools and opportunities to make their own contribution,” the site reads. “We are building programs, scholarships, collections and partnerships that reflect Steve’s values ​​and carry forward his sense of possibility.” A press release also says that the archive will “act as a repository for historical materials relating to Steve, some of which have never before been made public.” More announcements about offers and additional projects will be made in the coming months.

The file was presented by Laurene Powell Jobs, Jobs’s widow, at Vox Media’s Code conference on Wednesday. “While we do have some artifacts and some actual material, the archive is much more about ideas,” she said.

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