Friday, July 1

Steven Spielberg will produce movies for Netflix | Digital Trends Spanish

Netflix and Steven Spielberg’s company, Amblin Partners, have signed an agreement to produce films that will come exclusively to the streaming service in the future.

The reports indicate that the new partnership means that Amblin will have to release at least two tapes per year in the service, although the amounts and duration of the partnership are not known.

This new pact between the two companies could mean that an upcoming film by the director of Jurassic park Y ET Get straight to the service, just as in the past has happened with other directors’ jobs before.

But nevertheless, perhaps the most striking thing about this deal is what it represents in terms of how the film industry has changed in recent years.

Without going any further, Steven Spielberg himself questioned in the past that Netflix productions or other services may be eligible for the various awards that exist -among them the Oscars-, simply because they are not released in traditional cinemas. .

In any case, not only what happened with the pandemic may have changed the landscape a bit regarding how films are released in the future. It has also become apparent in recent years that movie theaters are dominated primarily by superhero franchises or animated films. Author films and less blockbusters have gone into the background.

The agreement between Amblin Partners and Netflix will be in force in parallel to the one that the company has in force with Universal Pictures, which is another sign that streaming services did not necessarily replace cinema, but rather coexisted.

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