Sunday, December 3

STJ maintains arrest of wife of fake Bitcoin King | Bitcoin Portal

The Superior Court of Justice (STJ) denied on Thursday (20) a habeas corpus request for Lucinara da Silva Oliveira, wife of Claudio Oliveira, the false King of Bitcoin, to leave prison to await trial at home.

Minister Jorge Mussi pointed out that Lucinara tried to help Claudio continue his illicit activities when he was already in prison, even though he had a minor child and risked leaving the child with both parents in prison – which eventually happened.

In 2018, the Federal Supreme Court determined the replacement of preventive detention with house arrest for pregnant women or mothers of children up to 12 years old.

“The fact that she put her freedom at risk, even with a young child under her responsibility, demonstrating that she was willing to help her inmate ex-husband or even enable the continuity of his fraudulent activities, since he is in prison, represents a risk to public order”, says the minister.

In addition, the minister points out the fact that Lucinara denies owning a wallet with bitcoins, when the evidence is overwhelming that she has the keys.

“Add to this the fact that material containing data from a bitcoin wallet belonging to Lucinara, who claims to know nothing about the identified keywords or their usefulness, was seized, repeatedly denying the existence of said wallet, even with strong evidence about its existence.

Operation Daemon

Lucinara da Silva Oliveira was arrested in July last year as part of Operation Daemon, but later released on the condition that she not communicate with other suspects. She failed to comply with the agreement and was detained again in the same month.

According to the decision, she sent messages to the daughter-in-law of Valmor Felipetto – also investigated by the Federal Police of Paraná – at the behest of the fake King of Bitcoin. The PF believes that the objective was to combine versions or squander assets.

From ostentation to bankruptcy

From the promise of exorbitant profits to a billionaire hole. From a company that moved billions of reais in bitcoin to bankruptcy. From lavish hotel events to threats and eviction orders. From US$ 6 million mansions to a room of less than 15 square meters in the custody of the Superintendence of the Federal Police of Paraná.

This succession of free falls is present in the trajectory of the Bitcoin Banco group, a conglomerate headed by Claudio Oliveira, the false King of Bitcoin, who has been imprisoned in Curitiba (PR) since July last year, accused of embezzlement, money laundering and criminal organization. , in addition to crimes against the popular economy and the national financial system.

It is a story worthy of scorched earth, orchestrated by a swindler who, according to the Federal Police (PF), used ‘advanced deception techniques’ to deceive his victims. The scheme left a loss of R$ 1.5 billion to at least 7 thousand people.