Saturday, September 25


My soul has shrunk when reading this Twitter thread.

Unfortunately, school, and this must be said bluntly, is not always that safe place to which you are going to learn, but rather a hostile environment, to which you have to go obligatorily and in which you spend at least five hours a day. At the same time that they acquire knowledge, some children have to defend themselves, sometimes from peers or sometimes endure, without question, the sloppiness or the screams of certain teachers.

Some children do not feel safe at school because the adults, in whose care their parents leave them, are not always there when they need them. Protocols, conflict resolution plans, mediators … verbiage. And what if the teacher is the problem? Of that, of that better not to speak. Parents run into an insurmountable wall. We are not inside to see what happens and we feel helpless when the center turns its back on us. When a child is not well in school, as soon as he digs, we will see that he is not the only one. It is seldom the only one. There will be more, they just haven’t told it at home yet or their parents haven’t found the courage to head to school yet.

The trust of the parents is broken, they feel, literally, that they are being taken to the slaughterhouse. Verbal aggressions, rudeness, contempt from classmates when not from the teachers themselves; and the well-known “solve it between yourselves”, which leaves many creatures at the feet of the horses; or the recesses in solitude, without anyone intervening. Violence is exercised in many ways.

During confinement, many children have experienced a time of well-being, of tranquility away from school. Why haven’t they missed school, if everyone is supposed to be so happy there? There were the conflicts, the misunderstanding, the passive-aggressive partners.

An issue that is only verbalized with people we trust. Looking at the gallery, we must show that our son is one more, well integrated into the group, that he knows how to adapt to everything and that he goes to school with a smile on his lips, even if it is not true.

Many families are looking forward to the resumption of classes in September, but for a good handful of others what that return to school causes is a “tummy ache”, aware that conflicts will return, solitary breaks, the teacher’s misunderstanding , the inaction of the school …

Vocational teachers do not feel alluded to. They are the great strength of the educational system, which is leaking in so many places.

Going back to school shouldn’t turn the guts of any child, or any family. It should only cause butterflies in the stomach for the thrill of the reunion.

And a final plea, to the adults in whose care we drop off our children each morning at school. Take care of them. Help the school be that place of peace, which is going to learn with enthusiasm. Not to be burdened with tension and stress. With your example, teach what, perhaps, is not learned from home, that there is room for all of us in the world, with our diversity and our ability.

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