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Today … in A Topic A Day:

Basic guide to follow the elections in Germany

This Sunday is the elections in Germany and you should care. Merkel is leaving and the left can win. The European aid that reaches Spain or the common immigration policy depend in part on these elections. We summarize the basic keys so that you can follow the election day on Sunday.

Puigdemont, arrested

Today’s news came last night: Carles Puigdemont has been arrested on the Italian island of Sardinia, where he planned to participate in an event. The Italian police were waiting for him at the airport and detained him based on the search warrant that the Spanish Justice kept on him. Information we are updating it here.

More than the end of Puigdemont’s odyssey abroad, it seems like one more phase in the chess game between the expresident and the Spanish justice. Now everything depends on how Italy interprets the degree of immunity that the European courts have granted to Puigdemont. Andrés Gil explains it well to you.


For six days we have been looking at a volcano that burns incessantly and spits out a lava that advances slowly but relentlessly gobble down what he catches on the way. This is what we have been seeing for six days and what we have left to see for many more days. Because six days, for a volcano, are nothing.

Now we are entering a phase in which the ash fall complicates everything even more. The microparticles, which reach 3,500 meters in height, suppose some respiratory risk and they have forced the relocation of an evacuee center. Look at this photo, and not just the car, look at the ground. That is ash.

You have more details in the chronicle of the day by Raúl Rejón from La Palma.

Air traffic, for now, is maintained. We have been able to record with a drone of our colleagues from the Canary Islands Now in the vicinity of one of the mouths of the volcano. And here you go a photo gallery of images taken by the great photographer Emilio Morenatti.


The Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, believes that conscientious objection must be regulated to prevent the right to object from implying that in cases such as abortion, women do not have fair and effective access to their own right. Because what ends up happening is that they have to go to a private clinic or in some cases to another city in order to have an abortion. The idea, which already includes the new euthanasia law applied to dignified death, is that there be a registry of objectors for health personnel that allows health care to be planned based on the rights of patients. The medical colleges, for whatever reason is anything but Hippocratic, they say they don’t like that.

  • In Texas, the new law that practically prohibits abortion in any case also offers “rewards” of 10,000 euros to citizens for reporting to court women or doctors who abort late. Crazy.

Do not pass

  • Negotiating ERTE. Yolanda Díaz proposes to unions and employers to extend the current ERTE for a month and that the new ones that are agreed now apply from November to March. The negotiation continues today.
  • Juan Diego Botto, whom we admire and love a lot in elDiario.es, has won the National Theater Award for his monologue on Lorca: “The play is a warning about the rise of the extreme right,” he tells us.
  • If you think it is a joke that there is a type of charger for each brand of mobile, computer or portable device, you are not disoriented: to the European Union too. Among other things because the appliances are damaged or renewed, but the plugs accumulate and are very polluting.
  • Alvise admits he spreads hoaxes. The far-right digital activist Alvise Pérez has admitted to the judge that spread on social networks, without making any verification of its veracity, a false document that pretended to be a positive PCR of Salvador Illa.

Tertullian Trivial

Blue – What province does the island of La Palma belong to?

pink – Which award-winning British series tells the story of the British royal family?

Yellow – In what year did the Lorca earthquakes occur, which damaged 80% of the houses in the city?

Brown – What ministry is the Socialist Reyes Maroto headed in the Government of Spain?

Green – What is the technical name of the river of flowing lava that runs down the slopes after the eruption of a volcano?

Orange – Where can you find two-dimensional characters based on Alexander the Great, King David, Charlemagne and Julius Caesar?


Blue – Santa Cruz of Tenerife

pink – The Crown

Yellow – 2011

Brown – Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism

Green – Lava flow.

Orange – In French cards (they are the kings of the deck)

Let’s rest, what a week. We read on Monday.

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